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Drivers Education

In A Parking Lot
Children In The Car?
Avoiding Road Rage
During An Emergency
Using The IPDE Process.
Leaving Your Car?
Driving In Bad Weather
Red Light Runners
Controling Your Emotions

Driver Education-Things Sheldon High Students Should Know.

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Welcome to Driving Safely

At this web site I will be answering some basic questions which could save your and someone elses life.

  1. How To Drive In A Parking Lot.
  2. What To When You Have Children In The Car?
  3. How To Avoid Road Rage.
  4. What To Do During An Emergency?
  5. How To Use The IPDE Process.
  6. What To Do Before Leaving Your Car?
  7. What To Do Before Driving?
  8. What To Do While Driving In Adverse Conditions?
  9. How Can You Protect YourSelf From Drivers Who Run Red Lights?
  10. How To Control Your Emotions While Driving?



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This page was last modified December 17, 1998